We are committed to improving the environmental, social and economic health of the communities we support through public education and engagement.

Integro Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan Puerto Rican organization established in 2017 by a group of locals, old and new residents of the island with the mission to support projects that strengthen the society, regenerate the environment and revitalize the economy of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.

Our Operating principles: 

  • AdaptabilityWe strive to be nimble and flexible to best meet the needs of beneficiaries and the constantly changing conditions. 
  • Responsiveness – We are responsive to changing needs and the continuous input from all stakeholders.
  • Partnerships – In everything we do, we seek to partner and align with change-makers in the Puerto Rican and global communities to support local communities.
  • Respect – We listen, understand and offer our assistance and support with respect and open dialogue.
  • IntegrityOur actions come from a space of humbleness, truthfulness and honesty. We strive for oneness and coherence within our thoughts, words and deeds.
  • InclusionWe encourage diversity and accept contributions from all backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. 
  • Community integration – We recognize that we are part of a larger Puerto Rican community and strive to integrate with, enhance and support it with our presence and positive contributions.
  • Collaboration and synergyWe believe that we’re infinitely stronger when we work together, join forces and create alliances and partnerships.
  • Regeneration – We are committed to regenerative development practices with regards to social, economic and ecological sustainability, such as supporting fair wages, sustainable financial progress and development, organic agriculture and clean energy.

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