Karma Honey Project

Karma Honey Project is a non profit organization created to rebuild the Puerto Rico Africanized Honey Bee populations devastated by Hurricane Maria by planting pollinator gardens that the bees can collect pollen from, creating new bee hives across the island, educating the youth and locals on the importance of this particular type of bee, and most importantly: create jobs.

Researchers have discovered that in Puerto Rico, the gentle Honey Bee and African Killer Bee have become friends. So much so, that there’s a new bee in town, called the Africanized Honey Bee. 

This unique bee boasts an impressive ability to pollinate and produce honey, a calm and collected demeanor, and the ability to resist many of the pests that have plagued the Honey Bees as of lately. The organization educates children and adults on the importance of the bee to mankind.

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